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Retired Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale spends his days puttering around the Caribbean in the old PT-73 selling homebrew, ice cream, and swimsuit calendars. He's brought out of retirement when his old nemesis turned the second best terrorist in the world, Major Vladikov, takes over the island of San Moreno and starts building a nuclear launch silo on it. With help from his old crew and hindrances from Captain Wallace B. Binghampton, who sank a cruise liner a while back, McHale tries to put Vladikov out of business.
Naval commander McHale has left the service and set-up shop on Caribbean island, which supplies his former mates at a military base nearby with everything. The base is now commanded by hard-headed Capt. Binghampton and island governor has a deal with a terrorist to use the island as base. McHale gets back into his crew when his arch-enemy Major Vladikov sets up an operation to destroy the island.
Did I happen to mention that I hate this pile of cinematic crap? Any resemblance between this and the classic tv series is a real shame. Dean Stockwell, usually a fine actor, probably destroyed his career with his portrayal of Captain Binghimton-Joe Flynn has to be spinning in his grave! And of course, Tom Arnold as McHale, need I say more?<br/><br/>No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Maybe even worse than LEONARD, PART 6.<br/><br/>Rating: -0 out of *****
When I saw that Tim Curry appeared in the credits I knew that this was going to be crap . I&#39;m sorry if I&#39;m upsetting both of Mr Curry&#39;s fans by saying this but I&#39;m afraid his talents begin and end with pantomimes . He usually drags a film down when he&#39;s asked to play a villain , but to be charitable I do confess that TC isn&#39;t only the bad thing about McHALE&#39;S NAVY - Everything is bad <br/><br/>There&#39;s nothing worse than listening to people who think that they&#39;re clever or funny , except maybe watching a movie that thinks it&#39;s clever or funny . Admittedly I doubt anyone who produced it thought they were making THE USUAL SUSPECTS but what made them think this was going to raise a laugh or make money at the box office . There&#39;s a scene where a couple of good guys talking to a prisoner in a cell , guess what happens ? There&#39;s a scene with a guy in a diving suit that is expanded with too much air pressure and there&#39;s a guy standing behind him with a lit cigar , guess what happens ? There&#39;s a scene with navy SEALS and you know how special use cameo on their faces ? Well here they&#39;ve painted their faces as tigers and Groucho Marx in a scene so unfunny I thought it&#39;d been written by Karl Marx . Obviously this is the kind of movie that got made because somebody had friends in high places . Hopefully this movie lost a lot of people a lot of money
Time and adapters have not been kind to the fun-loving series.

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