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John Marston is being blackmailed by government lawmen to hunt down his former partners-in-crime. Driven further into the American Southwest, Marston soon finds that Williams has crossed into Mexico, a country in the throes of a civil war. At every turn, Marston must choose whether to side with outlaws or innocents in the crossfire.
John Marston, former outlaw, is forced by the federal government to hunt down the members of his old gang.
Red Dead Redemption is in my opinion one of the best games made, and it is certainly one of my favourite stories ever told.<br/><br/>Taking place in the wild west (1910-1911), your character, John Marston, is forced to work for the government after they kidnap his wife and son. Along this games journey you will travel through different countries and states, encounter some great characters and even shoot a few of them….<br/><br/>With astonishing visuals (some of the best I&#39;ve seen in a game), a beautiful soundtrack, sublime voice acting, original and fantastic game- play, brilliant weapons and one of the best stories ever put into a game, let alone any piece of media – how could you possibly go wrong?<br/><br/>The core of the game is John Martson. He is definitely one of my favourite characters I&#39;ve played as and I&#39;m sure many people will feel the same way. The way Rockstar tell this story about him and his family is nothing short of legendary. All the way up to the credits this game tells a story that tugs at your heartstrings.<br/><br/>Just to finish, Rockstar have created a game that proves that this form of media is one of the best ways to tell a story. And with the remarkable soundtrack humming blissfully in your ears as you ride your trusty steed through the early 20th century Wild West, you&#39;ll realize why I said this is one of the greatest games ever created…
This town ain&#39;t big enough for the two of us. This game is down right one of my favorite games I have ever played. I enjoy this as a solid game and a great western tale. I never played Red Dead Revolver but if it is half as good as this game then it is a decent game.<br/><br/>Game-play- this takes GTA makes it a western and improves the game-play by 100%. Riding a horse actually handles better then cars in open world games. The shooting makes you feel like a true bad-ass of the west. You can never miss a hard target thanks to the dead eye feature which is just bullet time. The game isn&#39;t hard like the GTA games but it is extremely fun with so much to do. You can spend hours hunting, shooting outlaws, completing challenges, and doing side quest. There are some glitches in the game but that is mostly on the online aspect of the game.<br/><br/>Sound- oh Lord this game sound beautiful, I always felt like I was a cowboy in the old west. That&#39;s just from the soundtrack and sound effects. The song towards the end of the game is God awful but that is the one complaint in this amazing game. The voice acting is fantastic all the voices have a distinctive western vibe and there is no one who talks like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne which is nice to see.<br/><br/>Graphics- this game amazed me with how it looks you are just wowed when you start playing it. Honestly I never thought the dessert could look so alive. When you shoot someone you can see the entry wound which sounds morbid to give praise but it is a nice touch of realism to the game.<br/><br/>Story- you play John Marston the man with a troubled past who is sent out to hunt his old game so he can save his family. This story is so deep and has such great characters ultimately you just want to see John get his family back and start a new life. Not once is the story dull or just lame as hell I enjoyed ever second of this game.<br/><br/>Online- this has so much to do online, the free-roam is a blast when you are playing with friends. The co-op missions are fun but only one time around can you really enjoy them. Then they got some competitive online which is challenging you can&#39;t run around the map just shooting you have to be precise and get head shots. There is a ton of DLC that I wont get into but it is worth the money.<br/><br/>Overall if you don&#39;t own this game what you doing go buy it and love it. I give this my rating of Jizz in Your Pants yes it is that great.

It is possible that the developers did not base the Strange Man on any religious figure, whether it be Saint Peter, (a) God or Death. This is supported by the fact that no matter if the player chooses the honorable or dishonorable way of completing the task, he will always say &quot;I hope my boy turns out to be just like you.&quot;<br/><br/>It is also possible that he is a manifestation of John Marston&#39;s sense of right and wrong, testing his morals and forcing John to make decisions on matters he may have seen or heard about previously. The Strange Man reveals a detailed knowledge of John Marston&#39;s history. He is impeccably dressed in a three piece suit with a large top hat. The man appears to be calm and collected, even in the arid wilderness. He is also able to identify John Marston whenever Marston approaches him, without actually looking at him. When questioned, he claims to be &quot;an accountant… in a way&quot; but also claims he cannot remember his own name. Undead Nightmare is an expansion story, which actually takes place after John returns to his family in between the levels The Outlaw&#39;s Return and The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed. While in the game, it could simply be days that pass for the player, but in terms of the story a few months go by. As we see many characters that survived through the story of RDR return in Undead Nightmare, most of whom are killed off. Also, characters that died in the RDR story will return as zombies in the graveyards. That being said, there are two continuity errors in Undead Nightmare. First, MacDougal mentions Nastas and neither MacDougal or John seem to recall him being dead, and also Uncle was killed during the mission &quot;The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed&quot; yet he is also zombified and killed at the beginning of Undead Nightmare.<br/><br/>Undead Nightmare ends with John saving his family, and stopping the plague. Then we flash forward to a few months passed RDR where John has been dead and buried to see Seth unwittingly unleash the undead plague once again. At which point John rises from the grave as the body of a zombie with the soul of a man in order to continue to fight the undead hoard.
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